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Digital Media Autobiography

I can clearly recall the first time I ever laid eyes on my first computer.  It was Christmas of 1997, and my grandmother and grandfather had purchased a Gateway 2000 computer for me, complete with Windows 95 software.   I actually remember the first time I saw it, and can remember thinking to myself, “What am … Continue reading


Two important features of digital media and cyberculture are the division between anonymity and authenticity when it comes to one’s identity. Part of this mix is wrapped up in the prior discussion of public/private behavior, and what makes it onto the front stage versus the carefully protected backstage. The audience interaction with online communication is … Continue reading

Public/Private People

In the field of orality/literacy studies, Walter Ong was a sort of godfather. There’s a pun in there, only partly intended, since Ong was a Jesuit priest in addition to being a renowned professor of English literature. Ong argued that the human sensorium was organized in a way that reflected a ratio of senses produced, … Continue reading

Some Definitions

Media In terms of communication, we might consider a medium an environment. Technologies offer new capabilities and at the same time shape our behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. Television, the technology, allowed us to see into other parts of the world, previously unknown or inaccessible. It also constituted a new way of experiencing the world, through … Continue reading

Assignment Guidelines

Each assignment will include an online writing component and an in-class presentation component. The requirements for each are as follows: Writing All writing will be completed via the course blog. For each of the weekly assignments you will be expected to write a blog of approximately 800-1200 words. It is expected that your writing will … Continue reading