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Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole: Autobiography

Throughout my early life I had never been very self aware of my technology and media intake until I became a communications major at Fordham Univeristy. My parents would tell me, with a negative tone, that I was glued to the television or that I was hogging the family computer, but I felt I was simply contacting the outside world in ways that were never possible for them growing up. I finally got the chance to step back from my digital media use and see it from a whole new perspective when I started taking communications classes and began to see how big of a role technology played in my life. Through my communication studies I have been able to see that I may not be able to easily or completely change the way I use technology, but by being aware of its role in my life I can learn to critique my use and maintain control over it. By auditing my media use, creating media use diaries, and attempting to stay away from all media for up to a week at a time I have a greater appreciation for how much technology helps me in my life, along with an appreciation for my time spent away from any forms of technology or media.

I always knew that I had a knack for computer technology and growing up, that was the digital media that I used most often. I didn’t have a phone until the 9th grade, so AOL instant messenger was my main form of communication with my friends when we were not at school. I was also very interested in social media and the ability to make my own profiles or websites through them. This exploration of html and website design grew while taking graphic design and webpage design classes in high school.


When I discovered Tumblr I was introduced to a whole new world where I could reinvent myself and express the weirder side of personality that was often suppressed by rigid social media sites such as Facebook. Tumblr users have been described as the hipsters of the internet because they believe that they find or create humorous posts and internet trends first. It seems that Tumblr has also gotten a reputation for sucking hours out of its users’ lives as they sit at their computer screens and “tumble”. I feel myself often browsing the site only to soon realize I have been staring at my phone or laptop for over an hour.  addict-have-life-people-quote-Favim.com-172356[1]I found that I really connected with the other users of Tumblr because we shared a common sense of humor and I grew to really appreciate the openness of the users and the sense of community that Tumblr had. I felt that the anonymity of the platform made it more genuine and pure than other social media sites like Facebook or Myspace. However, don’t get me wrong, the narcissism was just as rampant if not worse on Tumblr thanks to the popular obsession with gaining followers and becoming “Tumblr famous”.  


Tumblr is one of the few social media platforms that until recently has not been focused on revenue and has stayed away from introducing advertising to make profit. However, Yahoo just bought the site for $1.1 billion in an attempt to make up for their lack of relevance in the social network world during the past decade. This deal made Tumblr’s creator, David Karp, a hottie high school drop out into a multimillionaire.


I have plenty of other social media profiles that I could run to if Yahoo decides to ruin the site and anger its angsty, outspoken, liberal fan base but I am crossing my fingers that the people at Yahoo know the phrase “if its not broke, don’t fix it”. They could potentially benefit from this new partnership but I sincerely hope that they realize the pressure they are under to keep the site from undergoing the same downward spiral that Facebook went through when monetizing the site became the number one goal of its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer claims the company “promises not to screw it up” however, I beleive we will simply have to wait and see if they can resist the urge to mess with the system that definitely isn’t “broke”.

I mean lets be honest, users that bring us videos and posts like these should not be silenced.


The inside Tumblr jokes seem endless, don’t they?


No, no I havent.


Smashing indeed.


Thats all folks! I will leave you with this skateboarding cat.



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