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Bearing Witness

With the mobility of digital technologies comes a new set of possibilities. With those possibilities come new behaviors and habits. Increasingly, we hear stories of digital interaction that transform our traditional spaces and both excite and repel us. Take the familiar story of the concert, for example. A sea of smartphones held up to record … Continue reading

Our Pasta Who Art in Heaven

All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for He and His Noodly Appendages reign supreme in the highest. Though it has existed in secrecy for hundreds of years, The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster became a well-known internet sensation in 2005. The religion was initially brought to public attention by Bobby Henderson, a “concerned citizen” from … Continue reading

Gawking… at North Korea

The best thing about the Internet is the fact that there is so much information at our exposure now. What used to be top secret a few decades ago is now absolutely accessible with a simple Google search. The Internet draws cultures closer to each other. It does not matter where a person lives anymore; … Continue reading

Social Media: Where Real People Go to Die

Social networking sites do a lot to bring people all around the world together; old friends reunite and new relationships begin. While this is generally what many people think of social media, that really is not the case. Yes, people are connected more than ever, thanks to these sites, but real relationships are not being … Continue reading

Cyberbullying, Why It Matters

There are a lot of people who think that cyberbullying isn’t really a thing.  Whenever a particularly heartbreaking incident hits the news cycle, there are those who ask, “How could this have happened?  Why didn’t they just turn off the computer?”.  This is a fairly rational, logical place to come at the issue from, but … Continue reading

All Eyez on Me

The topic of identity is one that has always been on the forefront of the American consciousness, but I think it’s only more recently that most have become more aware of that idea in relation to their virtual selves.  With the recent revelations by Edward Snowden (if one could call them that) that the NSA … Continue reading

Bronies Garden Path

The animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic took a life of its own after it first aired in 2010, originally launched as a TV series in junction with the dolls of play sets it unexpectedly developed a serious fandom. This fandom largely consists of males ranging from 18-35, and they have deemed themselves … Continue reading

Doctor Who: A Solution to Existential Crises?

In a society where teens having existential crises is the norm, everyone is looking to determine the meaning of existence. While many teens are cynical and angry at the world for the cruelty and hateful acts directed at other humans, animals, the environment, and virtually any other living thing, there is one British Sci-Fi show that … Continue reading

Trolling and Cyber bulling; The Right to Fight for Anonymity and the Price we Pay

The Internet is arguably the greatest form of communication since the telephone, but some think that anonymity online is hurting rather than helping our society. What good could possibly come out of our ability to say virtually anything we want while simultaneously having our identities hidden by a computer screen and a fake name? Many … Continue reading

Lovatic Love; A Look Into a Fandom With More Strength than Meets the Eye

The Fandom is Born Since the creation of the Internet, it has become incredibly easy to communicate with people from all around the world that one would have never known existed otherwise. People with common interests of all kinds flocked to online forums to gush about their interests, and thus, the fandom was born, and … Continue reading