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The Truman Show, 2.0

When the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show was first released, the 1998 audience may just have seen the movie as a fictional story. The idea of a man whose entire life has been filmed as a TV show sounds bizarre, and makes for a great movie plot. However, in the current era of digital … Continue reading

How We Keep Up With Celebrities and How It Makes Us Feel Included

They’re everywhere. They’re on your smartphones, your tablets, and your computers. They’re scattered throughout the pages of all magazines and featured on every television and movie screen in the world. It sounds like a riddle about the government or about some nasty bacteria that has yet to plague us all, but rather it’s about something … Continue reading

You Know You Love Me, XOXO Citizen Journalism

“For the nation’s rise and fall every citizen has a responsibility.” – Unknown Author, Chinese Proverb Citizen Journalism What is citizen journalism? According to Shayne Bowman andChris Willis’ work We Media: How Audiences are Shaping the Future of News and Information, citizen journalism is an “act of a citizen, or group of citizens, playing an … Continue reading

Social Panopticism

Today’s technology has successfully triumphed over time and space. The enabled ability to communicate no matter wherever we are and no matter the time of day has allowed for people from all over the world to share snippets of their lives. Their shared message is then received by somebody else somewhere in the world and … Continue reading

Being a Witness ain’t What it used to Be

Seeing is Believing   There is a particular importance placed upon seeing an event unfold before your eyes.  This could be as simple as your grandfather’s story when you were a kid—how he reeled in that twenty pound bass but let him go because it was “too majestic, or some other B.S.  Unfortunately, nobody was … Continue reading

Instagram: The End of Self-Esteem?

“Can I see your phone?” Everyone with some kind of smartphone has been asked this question at least once in his or her digital lives. Next, there is probably some kind of snooping, whether it be through text messages, photos, or Instagram. This past weekend, while at a family dinner with 21% phone battery, my … Continue reading

Be Careful…They’re Watching You

The Internet is like a web made up of whiteboards marked with permanent Sharpie markers. Each person has their own that displays their personality and their life for all to see. Many think they are under control over their displays online and who is able to view their information. What many don’t know nowadays is … Continue reading

Social Media: a Performance and Quest for affirmation

Shaping our own identity: We utilize many items and tools to establish our identity. Cultural historian, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, claims, “Without external props, even our personal identity fades and goes out of focus; the self is a fragile construction of the mind.” Without the reaffirming external props, one’s identity is all in the mind or conscience. … Continue reading

“Oh I was there…..wait I mean I saw it on social media.”

Do you really have to be at a place or event now to know what’s going on there now that we have digital media? This is a question that we now have to ask ourselves. Every online website is constantly updating every second. When I look on my twitter or Facebook feeds there is always … Continue reading

The Social Media Accounts of Crimes and the Evolving Role of Online Attention

The role of social media in our everyday lives acts as a reinforcement of our social importance and caters to our inherent needs to be included and essentially liked for our personality. Further, this is why many people feel the need to constantly be updating their statuses and informing all those in their social media … Continue reading