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The Trend of Over-the-Top Marriage Proposals

Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life. But what about the day you get proposed to? In recent years, we’ve seen more and more unique proposals from around the country, clearly giving these women the most surprising (and awesome) day of their lives. And each one seems to be more epic than the last.

If you ask most women how they would like to be proposed to, many will say something along the lines of “a romantic candlelit dinner” or “in front of all my friends and family.” However, despite having different ideal scenarios, the majority of females will agree that they want it to be documented in some way. Whether it’s a photograph or a video, it doesn’t matter – as long as they have it available to them to relive over and over again.

But imagine if you weren’t the only one who enjoyed watching your proposal video. Imagine if millions of people throughout the country – and across the world – watched your proposal…and found it so amazing that they shared it with thousands of other people who, in turn, did the same. What if it became just an endless chain of sharing and soon inspired others to propose to their significant others in the same sort of way?

This is actually a reality for many couples whose proposals have been done via flash mob. Some of these women might have been among the many who were hoping for a romantic candlelit dinner, but instead got the wildest performance of their lives. But with a proposal like that, they were sure to have it documented.

Flash mob marriage proposals have grown tremendously in the past few years. We’ve seen everything from renditions of Bruno Mars’s “Marry You” in Downtown Disney to a flash mob of family and friends in a local Home Depot, and everything in between. Some proposals will feature a choreographed dance to a mix of different songs or choose just one. This whole idea is based on remix culture where people take existing materials and combine and edit them into something original, as we’ve seen with these mob’s performances of popular songs.


In these flash mob marriage proposals, we hear popular songs like “Marry You” by Bruno Mars or Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the background. The creators have taken these already existing songs and add creativity by having the group do different things while the song plays. Some flash mobs will have a choreographed dance, while others may be a marching band. With each marriage proposal, the performance is remixed into something entirely new – giving each unknowing soon-to-be fiancée an experience that is individual to them.


However, in many of these proposal videos, we see that some of the same songs are used. For example, “Marry You” by Bruno Mars was a popular choice for these types of flash mobs since the message of the song is a perfect fit for the event. Although there are multiple proposals that use the same song, each execution is entirely different. In addition to the proposal in Downtown Disney, a flash mob performance at the Chicago Bulls game for a Lovabulls cheerleader also used the pop song. By using the same song for a marriage proposal, that is a remix in itself. Not to mention, that someone had to have been the first person to start the flash mob marriage proposal trend. Therefore, every person after that has essentially remixed the original idea into something of their own using other kinds of already existing materials, or in the “Marry You” instance, the same.

This idea of doing a flash mob marriage proposal has become so popular that it’s now easier than ever to do the same for your fiancée. There’s a website where you can book a flash mob, indicate that it is specifically for a marriage proposal, and then, with the company, decide the music and theme of the performance.

But the creative marriage proposals don’t stop there – many of these hopeless romantics have gone beyond the idea of just including a sweet song or two. Instead, they’ve defied the laws of creativity by doing everything from movie parodies and fake movie trailers to acting out Peter Pan or, best of all, changing the graphics of a popular game. This is another way that the remix culture has become apparent in the trend of creative marriage proposals.

In one proposal, that is also often referred to as the world’s most complicated and elaborate proposal, the boyfriend remixes and combines a number of different materials. He does everything from an N*SYNC parody, an Abba parody, a flash mob to a popular song, and also creates a fake action movie. The movie is a story of him, as the main character, has to go through a number of different action-packed missions in order to get to his girlfriend.


Another boyfriend recreated scenes from Harry Potter and titled it Andrea Tyler & The Quest for Magic for his Harry Potter super-fan girlfriend. The 9-minute video is a themed scavenger hunt based from the popular series and ends at a treasure chest where the boyfriend is waiting with a ring.

As it turns out, this trend isn’t only popular in America. In Poland, a girl is out at the movie theaters with her friends when a trailer for a horror film comes on. The trailer is a combination of scenes from the movie The Grey with Liam Neeson and some original clips (although it is hard to tell the difference at first.) As the trailer plays on, the girl realizes that something is not right. The plot doesn’t make sense and she discovers that her boyfriend is acting as the main character. He eventually makes it to the theater and proposes to her in front of the whole audience. This idea is also likely to have been remixed from other movie-to-real-time proposals, as we’ve seen with “the world’s most complicated proposal.”

One of the more original and complex proposals comes from a guy who is obsessed with Angry Birds and is done for his girlfriend who tolerates his gaming addiction. He got in touch with the maker of Angry Birds, Rovio, to help create and arrange the whole proposal. They took the game’s original graphics and concept, but added a special page with the words, “Marry Me, Mel.” As if people didn’t get emotional enough from playing video games, imagine this girl’s reaction when a round of Angry Birds suddenly turned into a marriage proposal from her boyfriend.


Whether it’s a flash mob to a top hit, a parody of a favorite movie or band, or a special spoof on a game, these compilations are strong examples of how remix culture has greatly influenced us. We are now, more than ever, able to create the most remarkable things that are actually quite unique – just by utilizing the things already existing in our culture.



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