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“Oh I was there…..wait I mean I saw it on social media.”

Do you really have to be at a place or event now to know what’s going on there now that we have digital media? This is a question that we now have to ask ourselves. Every online website is constantly updating every second. When I look on my twitter or Facebook feeds there is always a new post and I constantly need to refresh my page. Why do we feel the need to constantly post what we are doing? Also, since people are doing this so constantly do we really need to witness events in person or can we just witnessing them on digital media? So many life and world events are now all over the Internet and most of the time we find out about them first on the Internet too.

i saw that on the internet so

Since Facebook is a platform where people have pages dedicated solely to them, people are updating their profiles with status’s and pictures about themselves. Many of times I have been able to see a new relationship form because of a relationship update on Facebook. A life event like a new relationship, or an engagement or even a marriage is something that someone can see on Facebook even if they weren’t there to witness it. I have seen some of my family members new relationships or engagements on Facebook before my family even knew or got the chance to tell me. It’s crazy now that all your Facebook friends in the matter of seconds can now see such huge life events.

Relationship Status engage

Also the other way you feel like you are witnessing people lives on Facebook is through babies and children growing up. My family has friends that live in California. My parents have been friends with them for over 30 years. They have a six-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. I had never met the kids until a few months ago but have seen pictures of them on Facebook since they were born. I would see pictures of them every few weeks or months so it felt like I watched them grow up and had know them since they were born. And in a way I did because I knew them through pictures. When I finally met them it didn’t feel like this was the first time we were meeting. How crazy does that sound? You feel like you know someone because you have seen so many pictures of him or her throughout the years. Facebook now give people the ability to feel that way.

i already

internet ecard

When I was thinking about possible ideas to write this blog post about I was tracking one of my friends running the Boston Marathon. It didn’t even trigger to me at the time but I was witnessing her running the race as a sat in my house in New Jersey, hundreds of miles from Boston. I was receiving updates through twitter and an app called Athlete Alert on how my friend was doing during the race. The app told me when she completed a 5k a 10k a half marathon a 15k and when she had completed the full marathon. It told me what time she completed each of theses points and how fast she was running at these points. I thought this was so crazy that I was so far away but I knew how fast she was running and the exact time that she was at each checkpoint. Also I had friends that went to the race to cheer her on. They posted to twitter pictures as she passed them. I knew what she looked like as she was running and I knew exactly where she was. I wouldn’t have known this if I was at the marathon myself and didn’t have access to digital media.

photo 1  photo 5

Now with digital media we have more access to celebrities. Almost every A-list celebrity has a twitter or Instagram account. Some celebrities have millions of follower that can track their every move and see their pictures. This is a way that celebrities can market themselves and makes their fans feel like they know them personally. For example Kim Kardashian has 13 million Instagram followers. She also post pictures about once or twice a day. There are also Instagram accounts that post pictures of what Kim Kardashian in doing that day. This gives fans the ability to see what she is doing everyday. Another celebrity that has tons of followers is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber has 15 million followers on Instagram. Justin posts pictures multiple times a day. He often has many controversial posts and even has gotten in trouble with the law because of his pictures. Justin was involved in an egging incident with one of his neighbors and the police used some of his instagram and twitter posts as evidence against him.

photo 4        photo 3

Another way that we find out about celebrities almost instantly is through magazine and gossip websites. Most magazines now have online websites, twitter, and instagram pages. They update these websites every few seconds when there is new news about these celebrities. Some magazines even have apps that send out push notifications when something happens to your favorite celebrities. You can even get notification every time the magazines have a new article. These magazines sometimes give tell us about celebrities deepest darkest secrets. It’s crazy that sometimes we know more about our favorite celebrities than our good friends.

It is absolutely crazy that now with digital media we have the ability to witness things that we would never be able to with out digital media. I think that social media allows us to keep track of so many thing. Not only can we follow our friends but we can follow our friends families, celebrities and even our favorite magazines and websites. Even if we will across the world from someone we can still see what they are doing and how they are thanks to social media. The pros to digital media and social media are obvious, we can keep up with people we may have lost touch with over the years. But there are also some major cons that sometimes we don’t think about. It seems that with social media and digital media we no longer have a sense of privacy. Everyone knows where we are and what we are doing. It seems like digital media can always witness what we are up to sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.



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