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How to be an Upstanding “Digital Citizen”

In a society where anyone can become anybody or anything they’d like as soon as they log onto the internet, much of the activity of a typical social life has been superimposed online for teens to check into every day — sometimes several times a day. Out in the ‘real’ world, interactions are different. People … Continue reading

Claustrophobia in the Collective Superbrain

Living in the now is a thing of the past. The digital landscape has shifted our perception from that of the individual to that of the collective. Because of this we find ourselves once removed from our own thoughts and impressions. We no longer look to ourselves as primary sources of information about the world … Continue reading

Live-tweeting Spoils EVERYTHING!

Twitter is great. It is my favorite form of social media. Twitter, for me, is not a place to meet people; Facebook handles that. I just use Twitter as an outlet to say what is on my mind. I stopped writing Facebook statuses after I discovered Twitter; why write on two platforms when you can … Continue reading