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Audiovisual Window Helps Generate Empathy Toward Furries

Even in ancient times many philosophers pointed to an inherent distinction between human beings and animals. Throughout history the philosophical tenet held that humans are rational, autonomous, and self-conscious beings capable of acting morally. AnimalsĀ possess a sensitive soul and skills of perception and locomotion, but do not possess the same cognitive capabilities compared to human … Continue reading

Personal Identity in a Second Life

Parts of the digital world have created a place for men and women to go and create a new identity. Social media allows users to create posts about themselves, in ways that either bend the truth or throw it away altogether. However, another corner of the digital world exists that allows users to not only … Continue reading

Has Catfishing Changed Our Nature of Trust on Facebook?

Identity is generally determined within ourselves, and by those around us. In its simplest root, identity can be defined as the manner in which someone is characterized or understood. However, it is important to remember that thereĀ is no singular or “true” version of the self, or one’s identity. In any environment, our characters tend to … Continue reading