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The Creativity of Remix Culture

Remix culture defines the type of creative content we see in digital spaces today. From viral videos to music mash-ups and from news story voice-overs to memes, the remix culture we live in is increasingly harder to condemn. This height of remix culture that we see today, however, is not new. Henry Ford once said, … Continue reading

Furries: An Inside Look

Furries – An Inside Look from Curt Pehrson on Vimeo. Furries are a subculture fandom interested in anthropomorphized animals. Furries often choose animal alter egos that best reflect their own personality traits or desired personality traits. Like Bronies or Juggalos, Furries are a community of people that are often gawked at. Although they have been … Continue reading

Anonymity on Yik Yak

Today, much of our online identity is connected to our real life identity. There are less platforms that allow you to remain anonymous online now than there were in the past. For example, Facebook makes a point of using your full name, facial image, personal information, and more to verify that you are indeed a … Continue reading