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Tinder: A New Online Environment

As humans, we naturally care about others’ opinions of us, and want to present ourselves as best we can. When moving from everyday life into the online realm of social networking and social media, the ways in which we are able to present ourselves are drastically altered and expanded. Due to new media, like never … Continue reading

The Creativity of Remix Culture

Remix culture defines the type of creative content we see in digital spaces today. From viral videos to music mash-ups and from news story voice-overs to memes, the remix culture we live in is increasingly harder to condemn. This height of remix culture that we see today, however, is not new. Henry Ford once said, … Continue reading

Furries: An Inside Look

Furries – An Inside Look from Curt Pehrson on Vimeo. Furries are a subculture fandom interested in anthropomorphized animals. Furries often choose animal alter egos that best reflect their own personality traits or desired personality traits. Like Bronies or Juggalos, Furries are a community of people that are often gawked at. Although they have been … Continue reading

Anonymity on Yik Yak

Today, much of our online identity is connected to our real life identity. There are less platforms that allow you to remain anonymous online now than there were in the past. For example, Facebook makes a point of using your full name, facial image, personal information, and more to verify that you are indeed a … Continue reading

Message in a Bottle: How the Internet Has Fashioned the Ecology of Friendship

Virtual Communities and Digital Neighborhoods In the digital age, anyone who has access to the Internet is capable of sharing. Because of the convergence of the computer, mobile phone, and the Internet, these devices have become a prominent form of daily communication. Sharing a story online that reaches a person thousands of miles away is … Continue reading

The Inner Workings of the Homestuck Community

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) Homestuck is just one of author and illustrator Andrew Hussie’s interactive webcomics published on his website MS Paint Adventures (MSPA). The webcomic has generated a remarkably strong community of followers, called “Homestuckers,” who communicate both through blogs and online forums such as those on MSPA and Tumblr as well as through … Continue reading

How to Witness Travel Without Leaving Home

How to Witness Travel Without Leaving Home: Option 1  A simple search of the word “travel” and Google displays this definition: to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. If I wanted to visit California, I would have to find a means to physically transport myself from New York to Los Angeles to … Continue reading

Kick Start to the Next Level

The definition of economy is “the management of the resources of a community, country, etc., especially with a view to its productivity.” This definition can be applied to how, through the internet, people are sharing talents and ideas in an organized way while keeping productivity in mind. Crowdfunding is a way to do just that. … Continue reading

A Literal Economy: Collaboration Produces New Currency

In his Philosophize This podcast, Stephen West stresses that there is something essentially innate in human beings that make them crave social interaction. Luckily, our digital world enables not only connectivity, but networked sharing and collaboration, which is fundamental to the human experience. Our new digital tools have increased the possibilities for engaging not only … Continue reading

“Fame” on YouTube

According to its Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/youtube/info?tab=page_info) , YouTube defines itself as “a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire other across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.” The online interactions between users of YouTube are different than interactions on many other online forums … Continue reading