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Transhumanism 2: What Kind of Posthumans Will We Be?

Last week I introduced Transhumanism to our ongoing conversation about cybernetics and posthumanism. To recap: Transhumanism is defined as the desire to “fundamentally transform the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities” (Wikipedia). I wrote mainly about human cyborgs in the most literal, physical … Continue reading

Transhumanism, in the Context of Bionics and Cybernetics and Posthumanism (and Some Other Stuff)

I was listening to a Pandora comedy station one day when I heard Dan Cummins say this: “I love robots. I wish I was a robot.  I’m really into ’em.  I get mad at the end of Empire Strikes Back when Luke gets his hand cut off by Vader and then, like, the next day, … Continue reading

Girl Talk – Product or Producer?

“Art is anything you can get away with.” – Marshall McLuhan The music industry is an ongoing, fascinating experiment in copyright law in the digital age.  The Internet as an environment encourages the ethic of sharing (partially because of its layout and partially because of its convenience) which leads more and more people to exchange … Continue reading

Facebook Creep

The general consensus is that everybody has, at one point or another, Facebook creeped or Facebook stalked.  Sometimes it’s limited to ex-lovers, sometimes it’s completely unlimited and random.  Sometimes a general Facebook browse can take you on a two hour journey of clicks until you find your self sifting through the pictures of your coworker’s … Continue reading

High School 2.0 – a Digital Media Autobiography

The Early Years Before the Internet, computers did not matter to me.  I have vague memories of DOS, but my curiosity about the big grey box in the corner of my parents’ room was not piqued until our installation of America Online in 1996. My family inherited an old Compaq from my aunt the software … Continue reading